A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You are the newly hired accountant of Sir Roguelikington!
Yours is the responsibility of managing his budget and make this expedition a success, but beware! it is not a task for the faint of hearth.
For great dangers await in the mysterious island that hides away the ancient temple in thick mist.

---- Teaser 1 ----
Thanks for checking out the teaser demo of The Accountant Of Sir Roguelikington! This game, started as my own attempt at making a roguelike kind of game, turned into a twisted, very time consuming, story driven adventure.
Show your support by playing this teaser, get in touch and buzz about it if you like it, so that eventually it'll turn into a fully fledged game with more content!

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TheAccountant.zip (12 MB)
TheAccountant.app.zip (13 MB)


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If you lose you seem to start over with the shelters you had before.

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Incredible stylization!
It's very fun to lure shadows to inner-doors traps.
But economic events... Explorer, who resigned next day of huge supplied expedition... Quite disoblige.