A downloadable tool for Windows

Galumph is a tool to draw geometries in 3D, 
almost like you would in a 2D paint app, 
but you can turn around your sketches and keep painting in all directions.

It's inspired by the paint tools developed for VR, 
but Galumph doesn't require any headset and makes use of your mouse and graphic pen instead.

1) Draw something on the screen
2) Press X and point your mouse over what you've drawn
3) Rotate the view with Alt
4) Draw again
You are now drawing on the plane defined by your X point and your view angle.
You can also draw literally on top of what you've already drawn, 
just keep holding X while you draw.

Keyboard controls:
X: place the draw plane on any of your previous strokes. 
Keep pressed to continuously draw onto your previous strokes.

Shift+X+LMB: Fix then draw plane on 2, or 3 or 4 points.
When the draw pane is fixed, you can still adjust your drawing depth by using X on any previous stroke.

View modifiers:
Alt+LMB: rotate view
Alt+RMB: pan view
Alt+LMB+Shift: orbit around the model
Alt+MMB: zoom view / you can also use the square bracket keys [ ]
- / +: decrease or increase perspective

Extras keyboard functions:
F: center view
1: shaded geometry
2: wireframe geometry

Gif recording:
The Gif record button will always save the same file, galumph.gif, 
in the same folder as the galumph exe.

- It's very early on development and mostly a proof of concept : )

Planned features (in case you are wondering): 
- layers.
- save/load.
- FBX  support.

Known issues:
- transparent strokes suck

Tech used (thank you!):
irrlicht 3d engine
Color picker based on the work of Jehan-Antoine Vayssade

Published Mar 12, 2018
StatusIn development
AuthorA+B Games


galumph_v02.zip 1 MB